Who made billions by artificially increasing dollars price?


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Personally worried for Dar phenomenon for dollar price.
Overall reserves are reducing and at the same time, dollar is going down as well which is totally unimaginable.

Dar and PMLN might collapse rupee again like 2018.

Citizen X

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Figures fudging is all this munshi knows. Last time also he took massive loans just to keep the dollar low. Now we have no money left.


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باقیوں کا تو پتہ نہیں لگتا مبینہ طور پر حرام زادےگشتی زادے نو دولئتے کنجر علیم خان حرام کے نطفے فراڈئے مٹھو کباڑئے اور حرام کے نطفے خنزیری مرتد کافر اعجاز امجد نے باقی لوٹ مار کے ساتھ یہاں بھی گشتی کے بچو ں کے ساتھ مل کر لوٹ مار کی ہے

Wake up Pak

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Another blow to Pakistan's Economy, Moody's has downgraded Pakistan's credit rating to Caa1 from B3.
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