Zardari & Fazalur Rehman contacted Nawaz Sharif in London to crush Khan

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Rebid stray dogs are up to destroy Pakistan.
All of them MUST be liquidated ASAP.


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The current situation is reminding me Musharaf,s change of government in October 1999 ———— when he was brought into power to serve his Masters​

Every things is the same but only actors have changed —- Now BAJWA is the one who wants to serve his Masters and Imran is resisting and he is the bad boy —— I don’t want this to happen but it the Bajwa who wants this to bring upon 1999 again on Pakistan ——- But I think he is miscalculating the situation this is not 1999 —— I see what happened in Turkey and it changed the course of politics in Turkey​

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the issue was twofold. The judges have finished the lota culture and also asked them to not make any changes to corruption laws and respective people. Therefore, their hands are tied and are now left to fight on the streets


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بے غیرت قوم فروش کلاسرا کا بوتھا دکھانے کی کیا ضرورت تھی ،
فوری طور وڈیو بند کر دی ہے


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Ya Allah Inn Aaro Bharo Gharoo Dharoos Ko Eik Saath Girk Kardey Aur Pakistan Ko Bacha Ley. Imran Khan is right in Saying I was destroying Pakistan in Good Pace Why Changed to Me? Shahbaz also destroying Pakistan but pace is slow like Nawaz & Zardari?

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They say that When Rani Sana was in jail, most of his time he was looking for a bar of soap in the bathroom. No wonder life is too harsh for him
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