Nawaz Sharif asks media to go to Jail for him


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Frankly speaking i have lost hope in the system because imran getting beaten badly by our cheater leaders and corrupt awam
Acha yeh log wapis aa jaein tak khatam ho yeh rose rose ki kich


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just like malaun diesel who uses others children for its politics. mian wants poojari to do the same for their mian.


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full video

Now we will see the whores (JOURANILST) living for $$$, demanding money for 4 months to be in jail and will do it, it is already offered and many of the bithches have sworn that we will give up our mother,wife,sister and even daughters if you pay us money, who ever pay we will do any thing besides giving up these relative.

Citizen X

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Media jail chala jaye, awan bahir danday khaye, tum aur tumhara laanti khaandan London mein maujain kerta phiray. Wah re wah Imam Patwari


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First of all he is a doofus. Brits are fully complicit. They support all the worlds biggest criminals under the name of freedom of speech & expression. This CRIMINAL SHOULD BE SENT BACK! Period!


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It's shame beautiful country like Pakistan have crooks rulers like nawaz Ganja and Asif madari.
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