Indian Hindu Doctor suggests Muslims should be injected with Covid


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Gandhi was a good man who perhaps generally wanted to coexist with Muslims. What he did not understand was the RSS thugs from which one killed Gandhi himself were full of hate towards Muslim's. When these RSS hooligans did not even spare the staunch Hindu Gandhi then imagine the hate in their hearts for the Muslim's who ruled them for up to a thousand years!? They were dying to take revenge after the British left. As Quaid Jinnah said "India is not made of Gandhi's". The Quaid was worried as to what would happen after he and Gandhi died hence his demand for Pakistan. At the time Gandhi was only living in the present where as the Quaid could see the future and predicted it with incredible accuracy. Understand that at the time many Muslim's were killed on the way to the new country where as others could not immigrate due to geographical reasons in the sense that Pak was too far. Some trusted Gandhi and thought they could happily live with Hindu's, how wrong were they. Today if any Indian Muslim makes a pro Pak comment they'd immediately be bullied or even killed like that teacher recently. The only way Muslim's are allowed to remain in India is by hating Pak as much as possible. They are at the very least strongly told off whenever the likes of a Shahrukh Khan or Shabana Azmi have made pro Pak comments. Indian Muslims are compelled to hate Pakistan.
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