Pml-n gov fleecing the common man in electricity bills - new corruption tactics!!


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The electricity bills received by almost every one has one thing in common - it is almost twice the regular bill!!!
The units billed are almost double the regular monthly units consumed...
The Gov says that the unit prices have not been increased only in some cases the units have been charged in next month this will be compensated ....
Now the real crime being committed is not charging the consumers in advance rather by adding two months bills into one month the Gov is in fact making huge amounts of money by charging a different rate as per consumption slabs....
The rate slabs for domestic consumers Tariff A1 are
0-100 units = 5.79Rs
101-300 units = 8.11Rs
301-700 units = 12.33Rs
701-1000 units = 15.07Rs

So a poor family consuming 100 units if billed properly will have 100 x 5.79 = 579 rupees to pay + taxes etc

But if you double the units the bill shall be for 200 units 100 x 5.79 = 579
100 x 8.11 = 811
total = 579 + 811 = 1390
Had the consumer paid 100 units each month bill would be 579 x 2 =1158 and not 1390!!
So the Gov has forced the consumer to pay 232 rupees extra almost 1.16 rupee increase per unit!!!
If consumer of 500units is billed for 1000 units there is 2.32 rupee increase per unit!!!!

So if the Gov has sent advance bills to all consumers this amounts to billions of rupees !!!

Considering that in reality most consume 500 units at an average so this combined billing will deprive them of a far greater amount...

Now if you go to the electric supply company to get you bill fixed....they will send the meter reader who will take 1-2 weeks minimum to check you meter and by that time your reading has already come close to the units billed in advance so there will be no cause to send a revised bill !!!!

There is no Suo moto action over this corruption of over billing in billions of rupees due to the misapplication of the tariff slabs!!
No media reports on this deceitful robbery !!

This stands out as a bare example of what happens when the affairs of a country ends up in the hands of greedy criminal minded corrupt businessmen.....


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جو وزیر اعظم پارلیمنٹ میں ڈھٹائی سے جھوٹ بولے اور کسی کو شرم بھی محسوس نہ ہو

اور جو اپنے وزیر کی کرپشن کو چھپانے کے لئے خود آگے بڑھ کر معافی مانگے

ایسی چوروں اور لٹیروں کی حکومت سے اور کیا توقع ہو سکتی ہے



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Inn magar machoon ney apnay power plant bnanay ka advance
Hamari jaib se laina to solar panel per custom duty laga de he jo ka pehlay iss per choot thee.


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It is widely rumored that top burocrats like Najam Sethi's wife Jugno Sethi is also one of the advisers on this Over billing fiasco...
Sad ... Sad...Sad...
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