‘Absolutely not’ PM Khan says no to US bases in Pakistan


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American media was deliberately spreading fake news about American bases in Pakistan for a few weeks.Some news outlets were implying that it was a done deal and Pakistan had given a military base to America.It is great IK made it clear that US will not get any bases.Absolutely not.


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ميڈيا کے ميٹرک پاس اينکرز کو کيا پتہ عزت و وقار کيا ہوتا ہے اور اُنکو لفافہ بھی نہيں ملا۔


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They are only proving that people are right when the those people are called out for their anti-Pakistan and anti-people stance.
Allah key kassam tum ko maut naheen aa saktee jab tak tumhari asleeyat logon per na zaahir ho jai-Hadees.
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