No Obejction To Asim Munir Was Also Part Of Khan's Strategy?

Citizen X

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Anyways me personal view is Khan got tired and at the end of the day knew its really not going to make any difference who becomes the new COAS. He had a point to make and that he did.

That look the most important posting in Pakistan is being done by a fugitive convicted criminal and that convicted criminal has never made or done anything according to merit and he has been proved correct on both points


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Patwari cell was manipulated into believing that Munir had sour relationship with Khan after his removal as DG ISI. When in fact, both Munir and Khan know that Bajwa played dirty game to get Munir removed as DG ISI.


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Bhaag na jaanaa. agar himat hoi tou apni isi post pe maafi zaroor magna. Asim Munir will be nightmare for sharif family. Just wait and see. tum log jaate ho jab tumhari baat ghalat nikalti hai.
He will be nightmare for every idiot hopefully that including SS,NS and IK .. I am really surprise to see your reaction . I was merely referring to the last few days of Ik trying to convert this posting as controversial as possible. Right from the day one , he knew that Asim could be the first choice . He kept yapping about next coming COAS and how bad he would be considering it would be chosen by SS and opposition.

You need to understand it only harm nation. He tried to place every hurdle possible in this posting.

Wake up Pak

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Patwariyon ko naya thooko mil gya, abhi khushian mana rahay hain,

kuch din maryam safdar pait phulaye ultian karti phiray gi.


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President has no choice as per law. Only retention for 02 days has set new precedence in the army.

In this way, many other new issues will arise in future which can damage army. Including Asim Munir in nominations is itself violation in some way. His name should not have been there.

In any case, bijju lanti gaya, jaan chutti. Bohot hi koi begharat aur lanti banda tha. Salute to all the people who said the right even under great pressure and injustice and reparation


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چیف آف آرمی اسٹاف حافظِ قرآن ہیں جبکہ چئیرمین جوائنٹ چیف آف سٹاف ناظرہ سے بھاگ گئے تھے انصار عباسی


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نوجوان نسل کیلئے سب سے اچھا پیغام یہ ہے کہ گیراج میں بچیوں کے ساتھ جھینگا لالا کرکے آپ کیپٹن صفدر کی طرح وقتی لذت تو حاصل کرلیں گے لیکن ..................۔ یاد رہے، کیپٹن صفدر اور عاصم منیر کورس میٹ تھے۔
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