We made a mistake by giving army chief an extension - Zubair Umar


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یہ حرام زادہ کالا کنجر کالا خنزیر بد صورتا حرامی۔ زبیر کنجر اور میراثی مثلی مکروح غلیظ اور ناپاک مونہہ والا حرامُزادہ بد صورت سور ایسے کہ رہا ہے کہ جیسے یہ حرام زادہ اور اور اسکا مالک جس کا یہ پالتو کتا ہے انکے مردود خنزیر باپوں کا پاکستان ہے اور سن حرام زادے کے دم دے یہ پاکستان چل رہا ہے اور اگر یہ حرام زادہ کالیا کنجر نہ چاہتا تو ایکس ٹنشن تو کیا پاکستان ہے نہیں چل سکتا مزے کی بات یہ ہے یہ وہی حرام زادہ کالا خنزیر ہے جو خود کسی غلطی اور بد کاری سے اور کسی کنجر میراثی مثلی کی سنگین غلطی سے پیدا ہوا اور وہ غلطی اد کالے خنزیری بدصورت مکروح اور غلیظ بوتھے والیے زبیر چوڑے کے مونہہ پر ہی نظر آتی ہے کیا شیطان جیسا کالا نورانی چہرہ ہے اس حرام زادے کالئے کنجر زبیر چوڑے کا ابے حرام پلے ہمُ نہ چاہتے یا ہم نے ز غلطی کی ابے کسی بد بودار گ ۔۔۔اور حرام کے پلے تو ہے کیا اپنی اوقات دیکھ حرام کے کالے پلے


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Beta Koyi Ghalti Nahi Kee Thee
Nawaz Sharif Today enjoying London due to that.
Mariam enjoying jati Umra due to that.
For other privilege you have to do extra.

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It is easy to say now that we made mistake by giving extension.... It means you do not know how to run country......so called experienced politicians and making mistakes... Not acceptable.

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Bhutto said he made mistake by making zia general, NS made mistake by making musharaf general, now NZ made Bajwa extension...are they really an intellegent politicians?


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Inta khabees Media ha is ko koi U-turn nhi kahe ga.. ulta Besharam media inka gulaam ka role play kr rha ha..

Faisal Mian

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You did this mistake because it was in your favour and now you are opposing because it isnot favoring you any more...

PMNL had been the biggest beneficiary of Army Intervention in Politics.... they always seak support against PPP, now today they are against Army's intervention because Army have a better option than PMLN...



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the same game they played against Musharraf, they think it will work this time

Musharraf was accused of war crimes, secretly allowing drone attacks in Pakistan, missing persons, etc and the list goes on and on

there is nothing against current Army administration, so all there instigation will fail badly
plus Condoleeza Rice was personally involved in helping these goons back. That isn't going to happen this time


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Shameful individual Zubair Umar sold out and has vey little credibility and zero political acumen he should stay clear of politics as he is only on a paid agenda to save and harvest funds from his corrupt masters.


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But Khaqan Abbasi says something else about the same issue

Pooray Noon League ke Tabbar per ... Lakh di


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Yeh pakka noon ka disposable hai. Beychara akela phans gaya hai. Baqi saray sharafat say munafiqat kar rahay hain key faisla theek tha. Tsk tsk. Asad Umar kay bhai honay par medal to nahi day gi noon leak.
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