Ali Haider Gillani & Shazia Mari Important Press Conference | Video Scandal


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Ali Haider Gillani confirmed that he was requesting the MNAs to vote for his father Yousuf Raza Gillani. He was addressing a press conference in Islamabad.

“I have been meeting several people as part of the campaign,” he said, adding that it was his right to request the MNAs to vote for them.

“We have requested many of our old and new friends, who belong to the ruling party, for their votes,” Ali Haider said.

The prime minister bought Senate votes by issuing Rs500 million funds to each of his party’s lawmakers, he claimed. The election commission should take notice of it, he said.

“Isn’t this a bribe, isn’t this called buying the votes,” Ali Haider questioned.

“As far as this video is concerned, I can state this on good authority that these MNAs belong to the PTI, they are my friends,” he said.

“They called me and I have met them several times. And I will again meet them if they called me.”

Ali Haider said he was the son of a Senate candidate and it was his right to request for votes.

“We will ask for the vote of conscience,” he said. “I am proud of the fact that our family received the vote of conscience in every election, we have never been a part of the vote trade.”

Ali Haider said the PTI MNAs wanted to vote for his father because of their differences with Hafeez Shaikh.

They asked if their party forced them to vote for its candidate then what should they do, he said. “I told them you can keep your vote secret under Article 226 and vote for whomsoever you want.”

About the video in question, Ali Haider said there were more than two lawmakers present at the time.

“I thanked them for reposing their trust in us,” he said.

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why he is not behind the bars yet and still doing press conference with shamelessness

Shan ALi AK 27

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بغیرتی دیکھو اس ہار چوری کرنے والی عورت کے بچے کی
تیرا باپ ایک نا اہل ہے ایک ڈکیت کا نوکر اور پالتو
بیٹھا ایسے ہے جیسے کوئی افلاطون کی اولاد ہو
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