This lady is so graceful!

Ali Sha

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She is not only graceful, but also extremely intelligent and competent. We need more stateswomen of her calibre. Unfortunately, we are stuck with third class failures like Zartaj Gul, Mariyum Aurangzeb and Sharmila Farooqui etc

Ali Sha

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Mujhe iss qoum ki zehnayat samaj nahi ati ke awam ke numayende apni qoumi assembly mein apne mulk mein apni qoumi zuban URDU mein baath q nahi karte? Inko apni zaban ghatya lagti hae ? Besharam begherat log .
Thats a valid point but what she is saying is also absolutely right.


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cannot be a PTI MNA. Too intelligent too be a PTI member. Who i sshe?
Hina Rabbani and family booked for forgery

Brother of former foreign minister alleges that she illegally transferred family property

MULTAN: Former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar has been booked in a forgery case filed by her step brother Malik Abdul Khaliq Rabbani Khar.

Besides Hina, 25 others have also been charged with fraud including her father Noor Rabbani Khar, mother Sumaira Abdullah, brother Malik Raza Rabbani and four sisters.

The Khar clan has been booked under sections 420,467,469,468,471 PPC and 5-2/47 of ACE by Anti-Corruption Establishment, Muzaffargarh.

Khaliq, the complainant, alleged that the Khars had transferred family property for which a complaint had already been filed at the anti-corruption directorate. After an initial investigation, a fraud case was registered against the accused.



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She belong to a Fudel lord family...who by hook or crook winning the seats of MNAs..MPAs of Thiers areas.. lands they got during partition and others business made during politics..A typically corrupt family....There are many more educated.. graceful women than her.. but they don't have Fudel lord back grounds...If you see her closely..she is not as such graceful as looks...her voice tune totally destroy her expensive .. graceful appearance.


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You have to live in Pakistan first to know our politics.

Trolling and flooding forum here will not make you intelligent !!!

lol.....rather, too corrupt to be a PTI MNA.

Shes PPPs Hina Rabbani. Speaks well, but her wranglings bring her back in the same black hole called PP.

So basically anybody who makes sense and is not on PTI's boat of looneytoons is corrupt?


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Thats a valid point but what she is saying is also absolutely right.
باتیں تو بینظیر اور بلاول بھی اچھی کرتے ہیں لیکن چالیس سالوں میں ایک بار بھی لوکل گورنمنٹ سسٹم نہیں دیا۔ یہ بھی باتیں اچھی کر رہی ھے لیکن فیٹیف کے خلاف ووٹ دیا ھے


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She is beautiful,gracefull and at the same time she has beautiful mind.As a foriegn miniter she was admired and applauded all over the world.
There is no conviction against her.


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Graceful corrupt lady who had right off millions of loans and defaulter of her factories electricity and gas Bill's
سب 15سالہ سیاست دانوں کا یہ ہی حال ھے سب نے دبا کر بینکوں کے لون کھائے ہیں آگر صحیح طریقہ سے انکوئریاں کرائی جائیں آدھے سے زیادہ ن لیگی اور پیپلز پارٹی کے سیاستدانوں کی تجوریاں خالی ہو جائیں گی

Awan S

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یہ ہماری قوم کا المیہ ہے کہ جو انگریزی بولے بہت قابل ہے ، جو اردو بولے بس گزارے لائق ہے اور جو پنجابی بولے جاہل گنوار ہے - یہی خاتون پنجابی میں تقریر کرتی تو سب اسے ان پڑھ جاہل کہتے نظر آتے
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